Locked On Louisville Podcast: Week In Review

Cardinal Sports Zone recruiting analyst and football beat writer Dalton Pence is the host of a daily podcast called Locked On Louisville. The shows last around 30 minutes each and cover anything and everything surrounding University of Louisville athletics. Here is a recap from this week’s episodes.


Title: Louisville Loss to Wake Forest, Bad Officiating, Volleyball on Fire

Description: Dalton discusses the initial takeaways from Louisville’s loss to Wake Forest; the good (team’s fight), the bad (self-inflicted mistakes), and the ugly (the officiating), and why the 2021 Cardinal volleyball team is a top-two squad in program history.

Link: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/LKN7535184309.mp3?updated=1633353139


Title: Louisville Offense’s Bright Spots, True Freshmen Bound for Stardom

Description: Dalton discusses how the Louisville offense showed some bright spots despite losing to Wake Forest, while also explaining why true freshmen Ahmari Huggins-Bruce, Ashton Gillotte, and Trevion Cooley are bound for stardom in their Cardinal careers. He also conducted the weekly mailbag segment.

Link: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/LKN1822458886.mp3?updated=1633701395


Title: Jeremy Wahman, Louisville Football Areas of Improvement, Virginia Offense

Description: Dalton is joined by Cardinal Sports Zone Co-founder Jeremy Wahman for his weekly appearance to discuss areas of improvement for Louisville following the Wake Forest loss, whether or not to worry about Virginia’s one-dimensional offense, and why fans should not overlook the Cavaliers on Saturday.

Link: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/LKN9346746677.mp3?updated=1633526053


Title: Louisville Football: Virginia’s Interesting Start, Key Players to Watch


Dalton analyzes Virginia’s start to the season and discusses why the Cavaliers cannot be overlooked in Saturday’s matchup. He also identified the key players to watch, for both Louisville (Jalen Mitchell, Marshon Ford, Qwynnterrio Cole) and Virginia (Brennan Armstrong, Nick Jackson, Anthony Johnson).

Link: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/LKN6840743417.mp3?updated=1633698221

Title: Louisville Basketball: Mike James’ Injury, Louisville/Virginia Football Keys to the Game

Description: Dalton explains that while Mike James’ season-ending injury hurts the Cards, the Louisville basketball team will still be very successful. He also identifies his keys to the game for Louisville against Virginia and gives his rationale behind predicting a Cardinal win.

Link: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/LKN7666631890.mp3?updated=1633700131

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