Louisville Football Unveils New Gray Alternate “Iron Wings” Uniform

In recent years, Louisville Football has been really experimenting with their uniforms and coming up with some stylish looks. The Ali-inspired uniforms and the murder bird unis are two prime examples. This year, Louisville chose to bring the color gray into the uniform mix. The new jersey is called “Iron Wings.”

While there is no gray helmet, gloves, or cleats, they have added a gray jersey and pants to their uniform collection. It’s a sleek look with with white numbers and lettering outlined in black. “The Ville” is written in larger-than-usual font on the front. The wings on the sleeves are chromed out. The name on the back will be written in black lettering it appears. Although, the lighting made it hard to tell for sure.

These are really cool looking jerseys and highlight a little used color in the Cardinal color pallet. It appears the team will wear their red helmet, gloves, and cleats with the uniform as that is what is featured in the promotional video. However, they could easily wear their black helmets, gloves, and cleats as well.

The Cards will be looking really nice taking the field in these new duds. It remains to be seen when they will break these out. If I had to guess, the home opener might be a good game to debut them. Regardless, it’s nice to see gray make a return to the uniform color pallet.

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