Pitino turning is attention to Texas



To this point Rick Pitino is putting together what looks to be a blockbuster 2014 recruiting class. In the past 4 seasons we have seen Pitino change a lot in the Louisville program and now that looks to be bleeding over into recruiting. At the University of Louisville we have had many great players but majority East Coast guys with a sprinkle of the rest of the Nation here and there , but not in 2014. There is already a national flavor with Quentin Snider (KY) and Shaqquan Aaron (WA) already in the mix but now Pitino seems to be turning his attention to another area….Texas. Pitino seems to be looking to sign at least 3-4 more in this class and 3 of his top targets, Kelly Oubre, Myles Turner, Elbert Robinson all hail from the great state of Texas. Texas is a pipeline that we have not had much success in in recent years but snagging 2 of these 3 could be HUGE for 2 reasons, One: they are 3 of the best players at the High School level and Two: this could potentially open up another hot bed of recruiting for Pitino. Over the past few years Texas has produced many great players and it looks like its time for the University of Louisville to make its mark there. Below are some highlights of Oubre, Turner, Robinson.

Kelly Oubre 

6’6 190 lbs

5* SF

kelly oubre

Myles Turner

6’11 225 lbs

5* Center

myles turner

Elbert Robinson

6’10 265 lbs

4* PF/C

elbert robinson

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