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This week…..on 55…..

You know I normally start out the opening paragraph to 55 with a preview of what im going to talk about then end it with: Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …..is….55. But this week there is ONE ridiculous thing I have heard this week and it’s our UofL Men’s Basketball team being shafted with a 4 seed. So in that spirit…blah blah blah…this is 55.

1) I am going to start off 55 this week with Men’s tournament atrocity. Louisville is a 2, Wichita is in the toughest region and #25 SMU doesn’t even get in? Who is running this thing?

2) monkeys

3) Oh….well, that..um, makes a little more sense then…Carry on

4) I digress

5) They placed us in a region with Duke, Michigan, uk and the undefeated Wichita State Shockers……This has got to be the biggest group of idiots since

6) ncaa

7) They knew what they were talking about last year though…..smu

8) Yes I have decided to insert smu for smh in opposition of them being omitted from the NCAA Tourney….sure glad FU didn’t get left out.

9) Wordplay is FUn

10) Moving forward

11) It also irks me that we got stuck in the Orlando site. Haven’t we traveled enough in the past year?

12) YOTC

13) It’s never enough….

14) Just curious, has anyone else smashed their Charlie Strong bottle against the wall? Just me? SMU

15) Told Ya

16) diddy

17) eh eh eh eh

18) Thoughts from Chane and Kevin on this tournament bracket:

19) Kev?




21) Chane?


23) I’m sure he meant SMU

24) After calming down a little I realized that when we win our bracket we will have earned the respect we should have now. With possible rematches vs Michigan, Duke, Wichita from the tourney last year it is sure to be a very exciting NCAA Tournament this year.

25) Ok Jeremy, breathe in and breathe out

26) BTY and @ElleRaiser did a postseason jersey giveaway for 2 fans today. That’s pretty cool.

27) I read this on Kevin Ware’s Twitter and thought it was funny…and so did he





29) I’m glad this wasn’t in vain…SMU

30) I swear I will not let it go….

31) Don’t forget to tune into @TalkinNOIZ on 1080 AM at 12:06 Monday thru Friday on your radio or iHeart app on your phone, tablet or PC. Our own Steve Rummage is there on Mondays and Thursdays. Talkin NOIZ serving it up live from the Wendy’s studio..

32) Do I have to plug Wendy’s too Lloyd? Just curious….

33) wendy

34) That better get me a frosty or something….SMU

35) Ok that was the last time…..maybe

36) #CheapPop

37) The Final AP and Coaches Poll came out today with UL punching in at 3 and 5 respectively (Full poll here)

38) The Women dropped one spot to #4 in the final AP poll. (Full poll here)

39) Tonight is selection Monday for the women and they garnered a shocking 3 seed, how you feel Shoni?

40) See you in a few weeks UConn

41) UConn’t touch this

42) Sorry, Not sorry



He looks familiar…nevermind

44) UofL Football held their Pro day today in front of the largest crowd of scouts in recent memory

45) Click here to see why Steve thinks our draw is better than I and the rest of the world first thought.

46) On to this week in UL Sports!

47) The Softball team went 2-2 this week with wins over Kent State & Illinois St and losing to Iowa State & Mee she gan….

48) The Baseball team went 5-0 this week with 2 wins over Western Illinois 8-0, 5-2 and 3 wins over Samford 20-10, 18-2 and 4-2….great week for UofL Baseball!


…..not that good yet #RoadToOmaha

49) Men’s Golf finished 6 out of 12 teams in the General Hacker Championships in South Carolina. The Louisville women’s golf team came from behind to capture tournament title at the Clover Cup at the Longbow Golf Club in Mesa, Ariz. The Cardinals shot a 297 in the final round to win the tournament by one stroke over host Notre Dame with a score of 888.  Notre Dame finished second with a score of 889 while Colorado finished third with a score of 893.

50) The Lacrosse team had one cancellation but walloped Drexel 16-5 on Saturday, Brust and Daley each notch five goals apiece.

51) Men’s Tennis is on a 5 match winning streak since being defeated by #3 Oklahoma last week. Wins at Arizona (7-0) Indiana (5-2) and home vs Michigan State (7-0) are impressive and have the Cards rolling at a key point in the season. Women’s Tennis defeated San Diego St 5-2 in their only match of the week.

52) The Men’s basketball team crushed everybody on route to the 2014 American Conference Tournament Championship

53) The Women’s Basketball defeated Houston and USF and fell to UConn for the 3rd time this season. Hopefully won’t run into them again.

54) The University of Louisville men’s swim team qualified a school record seven athletes in 11 events for the NCAA Men’s Swimming and Diving Championships to be held in Austin, Texas running March 27-29 on the campus of the University of Texas. The University of Louisville Swimming and Diving team will send eight women to the NCAA Championships from March 20 – 22 in Minneapolis, Minn., hosted by the University of Minnesota according the NCAA’s invitation list posted today.

55) This is going to be a few great weeks in Cardinal basketball so buckle up and #RiseAndRepeat


Go Cards!


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P.S- Good luck to my bro Terrance Farley as his PRP team enters the State Tourney this week and will face Bardstown in the first round

P.S.S.-I asked for your fav UL tourney game moments and this is what you had to say!







*some info taken from press releases, most from CSZ and my brain

**none taken from other peoples thoughts, NONE

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