The New Superman: Lamar Jackson

(Photo Cred: Andy Staples)
(Photo Cred: Andy Staples)

Today Andy Staples writes about something we hold dear to our heart & something we already knew. Lamar Jackson Is great. Andy refers to him as the new Superman. I don’t see an S on his chest but I do see points on the board. The Cards through 3 games are averaging 65 points & the basketball team averaged 68 on the season. That’s a lot of points! That’s just a quick math job with no calculator. I’m out shopping & don’t have a pencil, paper or patience. Hi Theresa! Regardless I’m certain Kelly Dickey will send me a message correcting me to the decimal. I wouldn’t expect any less. The point is Superman is ours for the moment and we should relish it. Click on more below to read Andy’s story


Andy Staples- The new Superman: Lamar Jackson

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