Top Ten University of Louisville Football Games: #7 2006 vs Miami

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Happy Sunday and welcome to this edition of my favorite, not in order, UofL Football games of all time. If I have to tell you all again that it is not in order then that’s on you. Today’s game is a game that I hold dear to my heart; the 2006 match-up vs the Miami Hurricanes. Coming in to this game, we had never beaten Miami before. We had a chance to, but an ill-timed penalty that we won’t bring up occurred. The Cards were off to a solid 2-0 start with big wins statistically over kentucky and Temple. This was also the same season that featured the blackout game and then another costly penalty that may have cost us a shot at the NCAA Title game. Ok, too many feelings. Let’s get back on track.

This game would featured the first time an opponent stomped on the bird, but not the last. Teams didn’t realize what this meant, but by the time they did, it was too late. Myself, my wife, my brother Joey, Steve and his girl Amelia attended this game. I had just met “Steve from 93.9” and had no idea what our future had in store. I should’ve though because even then he me call him that and it wasn’t even a thing yet. Anyways..

We had some great conversation with these two Miami fans. We cracked jokes and it was a fun time. I told them that I could spot the uk Basketball fans that cheered for UofL Football in our section and successfully did. They thought it was hilarious. And once Kyle Wright got going the one fan turned to me and said “You’re gonna see hm on the front of a video game!” Mid-way through the 3rd quarter i asked him “They make an AFL video game?” We all laughed and had a good time. Well except the Miami football team. But lets get back to business.

This game seemed like it was 7-3 forever. Mostly because the second quarter was inundated with flags. That all changed with a 56 yd TD pass from Brohm to Urrutia that featured THE stiff-arm with 2:17 remaining in the first half. It put the Cards up 10-7. A 2nd missed field goal with 21 seconds left by the Canes ended the half.

The second half was much much different. Brohm went out early in the 3rd quarter, but that didn’t stop Louisville from going on a 14-0 run in the second quarter and 21-0 run to close this out in the second half.

Other than the injury to Brohm, the second half felt like everything went our way as we closed out the game, holding Miami to only 7 points. Cantwell finished the game 3/4 passing for 113 yards & 1 TD. It started a 3 game winning streak vs Miami that is still active. The Cards play the Canes this year for the first time since 2014.


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