Vince Tyra Nominated To Be Chairman Of ACC Athletic Directors

Louisville Athletic Director Vince Tyra has done an admirable job since he became the head of the athletic department. Tyra has had to do a lot of work with hiring a basketball coach, a football coach, a men’s tennis coach, and replacing a legendary soccer coach. Yet, he’s come through with flying colors. Now, he’s dealing with a pandemic that has eaten away at the athletic budget, but he’s finding ways to keep everything afloat.

The respect Tyra has earned around the university, the fan base, and from his fellow ACC athletic directors has led to him being nominated to become the chairman of the ACC Athletic Director’s Committee.

Tyra is a tireless worker who is constantly doing all he can to better the university and its athletic department. After the way he has dealt with issues in his two most prominent programs, there’s no doubt why his peers thought him worthy of this appointment.


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