CSZ’s Most Watched Youtube Videos

As most of you all know, CSZ has re-started their YouTube channel. You can find it at @CardinalSportsZone. (Cheap Pop) We started it way back in 2013. The first video was of Coach P getting his 2013 National Championship tat done. However, the first sideline action we got footage of was the gem from Teddy Bridgewater to Damian Copeland vs EKU.

There have been many great videos that we have been on the field for or courtside for, but these are the top 5 of all time on the YouTube channel. We did take a break from videoing things when we had the Saturday show on ESPN 93.9 the Ville. We decided after such a long break that we would bring it back for good. Hope you all enjoy!

The #5 most viewed video was the Scott Satterfield pre-game presser for the Mississippi game this year to start the season. People were ready to see some Football!

The #4 most viewed video was Louisville women’s basketball’s Senior Night in 2019 featuring Asia Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. TJ Barr shot this video.

(The top 3 videos are all UCF-centric.)

The #3 most viewed video was James Quick recovering the fumble on the kickoff and returning it for the Touchdown. Steve Rummage shot this video. We lost this game. But we got revenge for it later…

The #2 most viewed video was the revenge call. This happened Friday and it was an audio clip that I downloaded that was sent to me from ESPN Orlando. We appreciate those guys! This is the revenge call for the prior clip.

The #1 Most viewed video on our YouTube Channel was the Enter Sandman intro from the…you guessed it…UCF loss in the #3 video from 2013. I guess a thank you to UCF for some of our YouTube success is in order.

We promise to bring you more things in the future and I will be uploading unreleased Sugar Bowl videos to the Channel later in the week. Go Cards!

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