UofL Football Media Day Recap

Media day symbolizes the start of fall camp and that the start of the football season is around the corner. On Tuesday, UofL football held their annual media day, with a few coaches and players available for questions. Head Coach Scott Satterfield, Co-Defensive Coordinator Bryan Brown, and Offensive Coordinator Lance Thomas spoke with media. They were joined seniors Kenderick Duncan, Kei’Trel Clark, Monty Montgomery, Malik Cunningham, and Marshon Ford as well as junior offensive lineman Bryan Hudson.

Things we found out: 

Ben Sowders: Strength and Conditioning Coach Ben Sowders has probably been Coach Satterfield’s biggest and probably most impactful hire this year. Just looking at the players, a lot of them are noticeably bigger and more cut. Players also said that during drills, they weren’t allowed to move on until everyone got it right.

This year’s team discovered each others “Why”: A few themes this off seasons for the players were mental health, mental health awareness, finishing, and finding out each other’s “why.” Marshon Ford’s “why” is for his late father. Ford admitted that he and his father had some unfinished business and he’s dedicating this season to his father.

This Receiver Room Has Potential: The receiver room lost a lot of production from last year’s team, but according to both players and coaches… this year’s group could be just as good or even better than last year’s.

Devaughn Mortimer: Isn’t on campus yet and it may be a few more weeks until more information is gained and some clarity about his situation is found.

Ahmari Huggins-Bruce: Was slowed earlier in the off season because of a hamstring injury, but the sophomore receiver is now fully healthy and ready to build on last season’s numbers.

Momo Sanogo: Is a very vocal leader, loves contact, loves to stop the run, and is a very physical player. You know when he is on the field.

Ben Perry: Ben has put on some weight and has been playing the CARD position this spring.

Defensive Versatility: The new incoming players in the DB room have the potential to play in different spots on the field. With the versatility of the players, Coach Brown alluded to the ability to be able to call the game differently this year.

Depth: The offensive line has a lot of depth, not just bodies, but quality bodies. The defensive side of the ball struggled at times because of the lack of depth. Coach Brown admitted, it was difficult to call certain plays because of the lack of depth. Depth at any level shouldn’t be a problem this year.

Finish: It was clear to everyone last year that Louisville had trouble finishing games. 4th quarter collapses vs UVA and NC State led to losses for the Cards. Failing to finish Clemson off on the 2-yard line with 4 tries also resulted in a loss. The word “Finish” seemed to be a point of emphasis for both players and coaches in the spring and summer.

Coach Satterfield hasn’t forgotten about what happened at Wake Forest in the first half. Losses to UVA and NC State still bother Coach Satterfield. Failing to punch it in on 4 chances vs Clemson is still something he hasn’t gotten over just yet, and probably won’t for the foreseeable future.

Both Coach Brown and Offensive Coordinator Lance Thomas raved about the off season work put in by the guys and the character of the young men on the team.

Below, you can see what everyone had to say:

Coach Scott Satterfield:

Offensive Coordinator Lance Taylor:

Defensive Coordinator Bryan Brown:

Senior QB Malik Cunningham:

Senior TE Marshon Ford and Junior OL Bryan Hudson:

Senior LB Monty Montgomery, Senior S Kenderick Duncan, and Senior CB Kei’Trel Clark:


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