CSZ Staff Predictions: Louisville vs Duke

Jeremy Wahman

Louisville 28 -Duke 24

Duke has only given up 95 points this year. Impressive through 7 games. I don’t know what it is but I am haven’t been able to get with the Duke hype. I see it in the numbers. I see it in the results. They are 1-2 vs the top 25 even if the 1 was against lowly Clemson. There’s just something about L&N though. The crowd, the fans, the atmosphere. It will not be denied. The Cards win 28-24 behind a balanced attack. Plummer has a decent game & manages its to victory. I also went with this low of a score because I don’t know who’s playing & who’s not yet. If Jaws is healthy it could be feeding season….

Jeff Nunn

Louisville 31 – Duke 21

I knew Duke was going to have a good squad this year but they are even better than I predicted, I see a low scoring, field possession, run the ball type of game. But Louisville has better big play ability and Cards score late to put it away. I’ll take the Cards in a close one.


Louisville 27 – Duke 21

Defense defeats Riley Lenoard like they dismantled Sam Hartman. Offense gets started late & prevails us to victory.

Brendan Holba

Louisville 24 – Cards 21

Dalton Pence

Louisville 28 – Duke 24

Sam Basden

Louisville 27 – Duke 24

Shawn Barbour

Louisville 31 – Duke 17

Louisville will be back on track. While Duke’s defense is formidable, UofL offense will have had 2 weeks to prepare. They will be able to scheme up some really nice plays. Meanwhile, the defense will likely face a less-than-100% Riley Leonard. This will allow them to key mainly on the run game of Duke and hold them relatively in check. Couple that with a raucous Louisville crowd and it spells a good defensive performance.

The CSZ staff consensus average is

UofL  28 – Duke 22

Las Vegas Line = UofL -4.5

Over/under = 46.5

CSZ staff predicted average odds Lou – 6 Over/Under = 50

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