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Dear Coach Pitino: An Open Letter From A Lifelong Louisville Fan

Dear Coach Rick Pitino,
It is truly hard to image entering the KFC Yum! Center and not, first hearing you, then seeing you on the sidelines. You have been the figure head of the University of Louisville’s basketball team for much of my childhood.

What has transpired the past few years under your reign, it breaks my heart. Whether you knew about the issues, that’s irrelevant at this point.

It has been hard to be a Louisville Basketball fan… The play on the court has been tremendous. Your play calling, flawless at its best. But, the constant harassment from other fan bases… It was hard.

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Nunnsense: Wrapping Up The Basketball Season


The season is over and this the time when I am usually Mr. positive. This is the time when I would remind you that football practice has started and our team is led by the reigning Heisman trophy winner. This is the time I would also remind you that our baseball team is ranked #1 in the nation. This is also the time where I would point out that the swim and dive team just crowned another national champion for the sixth year in a row. I would also point out that the basketball team has some great recruits coming in and the team will probably be pre-season ranked in the top 3. Even though this is the time for me to be positive and lift you up, I just can’t do it. Not yet. I’m still hurting. I’m disappointed. I’m sad. I’m wounded. I need a hug.  Read the rest of this entry

Onuaku Gets Fully Guaranteed Three Year Deal

“The Rockets reached agreement with second-round pick Chinanu Onuaku on a three-year, fully guaranteed deal, using their remaining cap space to come to terms on the kind of contract they hope will provide time to develop the 19-year-old center.” – Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle

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NBA Summer League Wrap-Up Highlights (Cards Show Out!)

Louisville Basketball

Here are some of the highlights from the last few days of the NBA Summer League from Las Vegas, Nevada. The highlights come from @UofLFanBase and are very well done.

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Rockets Highlights: Trezl & Nanu

(Photo Cred: Jeff Greer)

(Photo Cred: Jeff Greer)

Seemingly the former Cards have been doing work around all of the summer leagues. The Houston Rockets are no strangers to Cards on their team. Nanu & Trezl did some work yesterday. Enjoy this highlight reel from @UofLFanBase:

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ACC Hottest Trends of the 15-16 School Year

Louisville ACC


From dancing to video-bombing, you will find it all here in this great video. I want to point out to @TheACCDN that my only gripe is that if you do a running man challenge video montage you have to include Damion Lee. Other than that, kudos.

Nanu Has Been Drafted


This just in from the NBA Draft:

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Final Projections For UofL Basketball In NBA Draft


On Thursday night at 8pm, we will have the 2016 NBA Draft live on ESPN. There will be 60 selections amongst 2 rounds,  30 picks each round. CBS sports released their final Projections For this year’s draft. Here’s where our Cards are projected:

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How Louisville Is Being Ranked Since Onuaku Left

Chinanu Onuaku

The day after the 2016 National Championship was decided, all of the experts posted their “too early” rankings (which you can find here). They were mostly contingent upon Nanu’s return. Unless you have been living under a rock you know that Chinanu Onuaku kept his name in the 2016 NBA Draft. That brings us to today where a few of the sites have now updated their top 25 rankings since yesterday was the deadline. Here are Ken Pomeroy & CBS Sports lists.

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Chinanu Onuaku Decides To…


Chinanu Onuaku has decided to keep his name in the NBA Draft and forgo his college eligibility via his instagram page.

Big Onuaku Update


This from Jon Rothstein this morning:

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Nunnsense: Should Onuaku Stay Or Go?


On Wednesday, May 25th, Louisville Center Chinanu Onuaku will have to decide if he will remain in this years NBA draft or if he will return to Louisville for his junior season. Everyone has an opinion on his future and I am no different. When I stared as a contributor for Cardinal Sports Zone I said I would always keep it real. I intend to keep it real as I give you my opinion of Onuaku’s future. It’s hard as a fan to remove our selfish desires and look at the whole picture but I intend to do my best. Read the rest of this entry

Rick Pitino: Onuaku To Have Heart Surgery And Likely Stay In The Draft

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/


Here is an update on Chinanu Onuaku: (From Mike Hughes Twitter)

We will update you more if we hear anything. Tune in to Midday with Marques Maybin to hear MM & Steve talk about this on 93.9 FM The Ville from 10-noon!


***UPDATE #1***


***UPDATE #2***


Cardinal Sports Zone 5-14-16 On 93.9 The Ville

93.9 The Ville












We hope you didn’t miss TODAY’S episode of the Cardinal Sports Zone show on ESPN 93.9 The Ville. Your host Steven Rummage & the social media guru Jeremy were there to talk all things Cards! Today we talked at length about Nanu and his upcoming decision. Did he change overnight? We talk about that. Also A ton of love for the UofL Baseball team as the guys talk about the trip to Omaha! We went over all of this and also talked about Marcus Lee’s soul and UL-uk Football opening line: Is it right? Click below for today’s podcast!

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Nanu Update

A picture can say 1000 words. This is from Nanu’s Instagram account last night. Read into it what you will. I stand on record saying I think he should come back but all it will take is a killer Combine showing and that opinion changes IMO. Click below for the picture. Go Cards Read the rest of this entry

Should He Stay Or Should He Go? (Chinanu Onuaku Draft Projection)


Nov 13, 2015; Louisville, KY, USA; Louisville Cardinals center Chinanu Onuaku (32) shoots a free-throw against the Samford Bulldogs during the first half at KFC Yum! Center. Louisville defeated Samford 86-45. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Alot of people have weighed in on this topic. Saturday on the CardinalSportsZone show on ESPN 93.9 FM was no different. Should Chinanu Onuaku go to the NBA Draft? Selfishly I want him to stay. Unselfishly, if he can cash in on his opportunity, no pun intended, then by all means he should. He announced Saturday that he received a NBA Draft Combine invitation and he was happy about it.

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Chinanu Onuaku’s Reaction To Combine Invite

Actions speak louder than words?






Cardinal Sports Zone 4-23-16 On 93.9 The Ville

93.9 The Ville

We hope you didn’t miss TODAY’S episode of the Cardinal Sports Zone show on ESPN 93.9 The Ville. Your host Steven Rummage & the social media guru Jeremy were there to talk all things Cards! Today we welcomed in Red Rage Dave (His new government name) and were all over a bunch of topics? How do we use the last scholarship for UofL Basketball? With Nanu announcing he got a draft combine invite, will there be 2 schollys? Can Lamar amass 1000 total yards in a game and why does Charlie keep getting Bobby’s credit on draft night? We went over all of this and more as we walked through the doors at 9:59 & 1/2 this morning.

The Cardinal Sports Zone show is brought to you by Douglas Budd at Red Edge Realty and

Don’t forget, If you can’t listen on the radio get on your iHeart or TuneIn apps. Also you can listen to ESPN 93.9 The Ville audio now on any phone! Just dial 605-477-9680.

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Coach P Breaks Down The Team


Our guy Jeff Greer talked to Coach Pitino and Rick broke down the team. It was great. He also gave insight on to what we will do with the extra scholarship.

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College Basketball Top 25 For Next Season?

KFC Yum! Center

The future. Something you shouldn’t normally focus on in sports. When you have had a season like ours though it could be a refreshing change. Let’s look into the future for a minute. Ken Pomeroy is the creator of a popular college basketball website His website includes his College Basketball Ratings. You always hear his stats referenced on Twitter, TV and radio too. Yesterday he gave the bluegrass state a glimpse of the future.

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