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Robbie Valentine Stopped In On Middays With Marques Maybin

Robbie Valentine

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Robbie Valentine was on air with Marques Maybin and Steve Rummage for the Tuesday May 15th edition of Middays with Marques Maybin. They discussed everything from Robbie’s upcoming 33rd (!) annual basketball camps to the type of recruits coach Mack has been bringing in. They also discussed the incredible Donovan Mitchell and the impact he has had on the Louisville and Utah communities thus far. Take a listen below!

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Chris Mack Joins Midday’s With Marques Maybin

chris mack

The University of Louisville men’s basketball head coach, Chris Mack, joined Midday’s with Marques Maybin and Steve Rummage on Tuesday. They talked about everything from grad transfers, to workouts and everything in between! Listen in below!

Vince Tyra On Midday’s With Marques Maybin Interview

Interim Athletic Director, Vince Tyra, joined Midday’s with Marques Maybin today to talk about how things are going so far, how his relationship with Petrino is and a possible tournament stache. Check out the interview with our guys Marques & Steve! Take a listen below!

93.9 The Ville Announces Marathon Pregame Coverage

93.9 The Ville

93.9 The Ville, has announced they will be doing another 37 hour marathon leading up to the UofL vs Clemson game. Coverage starts at 7 AM Friday morning and will continue until kick off at 8 PM Saturday night. We will have a lineup for you when available.

Get To Know Eligible Grad Transfer Possibility Andrew White


If you are like me and don’t follow recruiting super close then you may not have had any idea who Andrew White was before yesterday. If you are like my guy Steve Rummage is with recruiting the when this kid came out of high school you knew who he was. One thing is for sure. If Steve gets excited about a player….YOU get excited about a player. When the news came about yesterday that Andrew White was basically just waiting for a Louisville offer, some people were skeptical. **cough cough Maybin** BUT if you were having an off day like my guy MM then you should’ve expected an L on this situation too. O. Wondering why that didn’t say LOL? Because Marques took all the L’s yesterday on Middays with Marques Maybin from 10-12 on 93.9 The Ville. (insert drum rimshot) Ok, joking aside, Andrew White is every bit the talent that Steve touted. He can shoot, pass and take it to the rack. Steve made the statement that with White our 2nd team could beat teams 18-25 in the country and I agree. Here are some highlights from Mr. White. You make your own opinion. (Click more for the videos)

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Ramsey & Rutherford On Ali: The Podcasts

93.9 The Ville


If you all know one thing about me it is that I have to give my props when they are due. Several people have helped CSZ from day one and mentored us. One of those guys is Michael “RuthDick” Rutherford (sp) from Whenever we have a question or favor to ask he is always there to help. We appreciate that a ton. I was at my dads tonight telling him about the great stories I had heard this week on R&R so far about one of my favorite people of all time, Muhammad Ali. You can catch Ramsey & Rutherford everyday from 3-6p on ESPN 93.9 FM The Ville! (Cheap Pop). Dad shares some stories and then in typical “I don’t know how to technology” fashion he asks, can I listen back to the podcasts on my radio? I shook my head and told him that I would make it easy and put them all in a post. I asked Mike if I could use their podcasts and here we are. I will add to them as the week goes on so that you can keep up with them. (Not just you Dad) I am not sure that I have had someone who I didn’t know affect me with their passing like Ali has. Here’s the weird part. I did not even realize how much of an influence he was on my life until now. So much has hit me and made me think about the many influences he has had on me throughout my life. If you ask any of my friends, they would tell you that I am most definitely a “Louisville Lip”. There are just so many parallels that I cannot list them all. Let’s get back on track. I have heard John talk about his friendship and share all of these wonderful stories so I wanted to share them with you. Made me respect John that much more after hearing the lengths he went for his friend and to hear everything he had done for his friend. That’s the kind of friend I strive to be. I won’t keep you much longer. Here are all 6 hours of podcasts from this week. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have. Thanks again out to Mike & John.


Monday, June 6th, 2016

Click More for the rest of the podcasts!!!!!

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Should He Stay Or Should He Go? (Chinanu Onuaku Draft Projection)


Nov 13, 2015; Louisville, KY, USA; Louisville Cardinals center Chinanu Onuaku (32) shoots a free-throw against the Samford Bulldogs during the first half at KFC Yum! Center. Louisville defeated Samford 86-45. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Alot of people have weighed in on this topic. Saturday on the CardinalSportsZone show on ESPN 93.9 FM was no different. Should Chinanu Onuaku go to the NBA Draft? Selfishly I want him to stay. Unselfishly, if he can cash in on his opportunity, no pun intended, then by all means he should. He announced Saturday that he received a NBA Draft Combine invitation and he was happy about it.

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ESPN’s HUGE New Developments From Outside The Lines This Morning


Those were better times for the University of Louisville, no doubt. Myself, Steve Rummage and Jon Hancock were doing an episode of the critically acclaimed (Let’s roll with it) Cardinal Pulse. It was a video podcast and it was glorious. We did our show from Cluckers on campus at Cardinal Towne. The bracket was revealed, we all picked Louisville to win per usual and it was a great day and a great month. Fast forward to today. No I didn’t insert the picture to bring anyone down but to raise everyone’s spirits. We won the National Championship! Of course with that being said, here we are at Selection Sunday with no shot to be selected. Like the kid in your class that has convinced himself he didn’t want to go to the prom anyway. Breath in and breath out.

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Pitino On Ramsey & Rutherford From Monday



Did you hear Coach Rick Pitino on the Ramsey & Rutherford show yesterday on ESPN 93.9 The Ville? No? The above picture is worth 1000 words. I want you to listen to this interview and tell me that he sounds like a man who is ready to abandon his team, school and city any time soon.

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Men’s Basketball Season Ticket Holders Get First Dibs For Women’s NCAA Tourney Tickets (Poll Included)


Sources informed CSZ around 5pm that there is a new uprising at the University of Louisville. The athletic department has decided to give the Men’s season ticket holders first dibs on the Women’s NCAA tournament action at the KFC YUM! Center. The words “livid” “absurd” & “screwed over” were used to describe the feeling of the women’s season ticket holders & team. We will talk about this more in-depth tomorrow morning on the CardinalSportsZone show on ESPN 93.9 FM THE VILLE at 10am.

Western & Southern Life


Long time sponsors of the Cardinal Sports Zone show on ESPN 93.9 the Ville, Western & Southern Life has a great reputation for taking care of your Insurance, Retirement & Investment needs. My representative, Michael Puckett, will take care of you and make sure your needs are met. A few words from Michael:

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Treyson: The Highchair Emcee

Louisville v Samford

I will admit it. Before last week I had not heard of the High-chair emcee. I am NOT ok with that. Come to find out he has been on the Deener show for a while and has recently started doing Ramsey & Rutherford pitches. Wouldn’t hate to hear he had done a CardinalSportsZone Radio plug if I am being honest (Saturdays at 10am on ESPN 93.9 FM). One of the most adorable things I have seen or heard and much-needed. My guy Sean Moth may be in serious trouble if this kid decides to go pro by the age of 8. If you have only heard the hype but not the man, here you go…..Treyson: The High-chair emcee.


Just awesome! He most definitely has our back CardNation. Go Cards!



Cardinal Catch-Up: Alhaji Mohammed


(via Alhaji Mohammed)

(via Alhaji Mohammed)


One thing that I love in the local sports scene right now is how myself and Marques Maybin are keeping in touch with former Cards. Marques has his throwback Thursday on the Deener show on ESPN 93.9 FM & I talk with the guys from all sports on LiveWith55 on Wednesday nights at Today is a very welcome slow news day for CardNation.

I was talking this morning to Alhaji Mohammed. It’s no secret if you follow Mo is that he is a very charitable individual. He has always been humble and kind and willing to give back to the community. Of course I must preface this with the fact he is my friend. However he is one of the best people I have ever met. I met him back in 2004 when I went to a summer league game in the barber shop league down at St Stevens. He didn’t know me but we sat there and talked hoops while I watching my young bull Terrance Farley play in the league.

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