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Flashback Friday: Freedom Hall Finale was 5 Years Ago

AP Photo/Ed Reinke

AP Photo/Ed Reinke

Crazy to think it has already been 5 years since the final Louisville game at Freedom Hall. I don’t care how nice the KFC Yum! Center is, I always miss going to games at Freedom Hall. There will never be anything like it. I was in the big minority of people that didn’t even want a new arena. Obviously, the Yum is a much nicer facility, but Freedom Hall will always be special to me. And I think it’s obvious where the better atmosphere was!

The day set up perfectly. Louisville was a bubble team and needed a big win to get into the NCAA Tournament. How about the #1 team in the country coming to town? Would that be a good enough win? It absolutely would. Bring on the Syracuse Orange, who the Cards have made a great little history with over the last few years.

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Who is your starting 5 of Rick Pitino players at UofL?

Villanova v Louisville

My friend Chris Tingley posed this question to me a couple of weeks ago, and it is very interesting and fun to talk about. Of all the players that Rick Pitino has coached at the University of Louisville, who would be your starting 5? Now I will say that some players did play multiple positions, and after discussion, we decided to only have each player on 1 poll. So guys like Francisco Garcia, Larry O’Bannon, Ellis Myles, and Samardo Samuels had to be placed in only 1 category, even though we are well aware that those guys (and others) could be on different polls.

Please vote for each position. This will run until the end of the week on Thursday night, so that will give us time to get the word out all week and get as many people as possible to vote on this.

Jerry Smith burries his hometown team at the buzzer!

Jerry Smith

By Justin Renck:

Jerry Smith grew up just about 15 minutes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Marquette even offered him a scholarship when he was in the 8th grade! So you know this was a big game for the freshman when he returned home to take on the Golden Eagles.

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UofL vs Syracuse- revisiting the Freedom Hall Finale

Freedom Hall

By Justin Renck:

When I think of UofL-Syracuse, the first thing that comes to mind was the final game at Freedom Hall, or the “Kyle Kuric show”. It is kind of weird to even think that before this game, Kuric was never really a main player for UofL. He was ending his sophomore year and only averaging about 2 points per game. After this game, he went on to be a fan favorite (of course) but also play a main role for UofL for his last 2 seasons.

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