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Video: Sights And Sounds From Day 1 Of The College World Series

Opening Ceremony - 2011 College World Series June 17, 2011

Couldn’t make the trip up to Omaha? Check out this short video with the sights and sounds of Louisville’s thrilling 8-4 victory over Texas A&M, as well as some of the pageantry surrounding the College World Series.

Video: Texas A&M Postgame Press Conference


Following their 8-4 victory over Texas A&M in game 1 of the College World Series, the Louisville Baseball team speaks to the media.


A Warm Welcome In Omaha: Louisville Defeats A&M

A big day for Colby Fitch, batting 2-for-4 with four RBI, was the difference as the slugger powered Louisville to an 8-4 victory over Texas A&M.

The win marks only the second in school history, their previous victory a 12-4 decision over Mississippi State in 2007. It is also McDonnell’s first win when opening pool play in the College World Series.

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A Beginner’s Guide To The College World Series


The College World Series is set to begin, with eight teams vying for a coveted national championship.

For those that are attending in Omaha, or planning to watch the events unfold for the next ten days, here’s a primer for all eight teams remaining.

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A Comprehensive Guide To All CFP Contenders

(Courtesy of @TheRed_Rage Dave)

(Courtesy of @TheRed_Rage Dave)

We are officially halfway through the season, and Louisville has surpassed all expectations and become a legitimate College Football Playoff contender. However, Louisville may – or may not – need some help down the road to complete its first ever playoff bid. And with only four teams entering the playoff, the air is going to get incredibly thin at the mountaintop, so it’ll be of interest to see how the nation plays out for Louisville’s CFP campaign.

Here are some teams to watch in the coming weeks that could challenge Louisville’s run to its first ever CFP bid.

(Click on More below for the breakdown)

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The starting lineup: news year

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

It’s only been a week since my last post, but for me it seemed like there were 15 things that happened that I want to touch on with fans but kept getting swallowed by something new. Seriously y’all, I don’t know how Justin does it. Most of the news posts out of CSZ are from him after his 9-5 job & after he teaches little kids how to ball (hmm, maybe I could use a lesson. Have you seen my shot, J? Never mind, it’s scary). So I’m going to once again list (lol) the new news that rounded out the year 2015 into 2016 for Louisville football.

-🔸Louisville invades Nashville for the Music City Bowl 

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Music City Magic

Photo: Mark Humphrey/AP

Photo: Mark Humphrey/AP

We’ve now had a few days to let the win against Texas A&M really sink in. The more I think about it, the more excited it makes me. That team went out and gave one of its best performances of the season. That’s expected when a team gets time to prepare and game plan; however, it is not expected when James Burgess, three time starting senior linebacker gets ejected for a horribly called and even more horrendously upheld targeting call on the first play from scrimmage. You can’t game plan for losing one of your best edge rushers shortly after that either. Not to mention, Shaq Wiggins missed most of the first half on the play that sent Burgess to the locker room. This very young team overcame every obstacle thrown at them in Nashville, and did it with style.

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Full Game: Louisville vs Texas A&M Music City Bowl

How do we get rid of those back-to-work blues after the holidays? Well, here is an option. Enjoy the full Music City Bowl right here on youtube!

Highlights: Louisville defeats Texas A&M 27-21

The Cards took down the Aggies 27-21 in the Music City Bowl on Wednesday night. Lamar Jackson put on quite a show as he rushed for 226 yards and accounted for all four UofL touchdowns.

ESPN says Lamar Jackson is 1 of 3 reasons to watch tonight

Lamar Jackson


Sam Khan Jr. published an article on that named three reasons why you should watch the Music City Bowl tonight. Two of those reasons were about Texas A&M, but Louisville got a little love as Lamar Jackson was a reason as well. Here is what Khan Jr. had to say…

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Next in 90: Music City Bowl

Quick game preview from UofL.

Coaches and Coordinators Music City Bowl Press Conference

Transcript below (also includes Garrick McGee and Todd Grantham)


COACH SUMLIN: Great to be here. Just got through with the luncheon. I know that our guys, our team, our travel party, the administration, has had a fabulous time here in Nashville.

The city has been wonderful hosts. Franklin American Mortgage has done nothing but provide us with first-class events. Our guys are really, really appreciative of it, practice overing at Vanderbilt. Want to thank them, too, being able to utilize their facility and stadium and locker rooms, practice facility, it’s been great for us, too. Everything has been very, very convenient from that standpoint.

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Video: Music City Bowl Team Welcome

The Cards got off to a great start against Texas A&M on Monday night. No, this isn’t about the actual game (although maybe it will be). The teams participated in two competitions: song writing and hot chicken eating contest. Louisville ended the night 2-0. Well done.

Bobby Petrino press conference 12/23/15

Bobby Petrino


I know it is UofL-UK week in basketball, but don’t forget about this football team! Just watching this Bobby Petrino press conference got me right back into the swing of things for the football Cards. Petrino talks about bowl preparation, what they have done differently than last year’s bowl prep, guys that have filed paperwork with the NFL, and much more.

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Kevin Sumlin press conference 12/16/15

Kevin Sumlin


Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin met with the media following Wednesday’s practice and the hot topic was the quarterback situation. Starter Kyle Allen already announced he was transferring, and yesterday the rumor was that Kyler Murray (new starter) would be transferring. Sumlin talks about that and more in the video below.

The best question may be the last one, when he is asked if he has lost confidence. Sumlin quickly shoots that one down, and rightfully so. What coach is going to say “Ya know what Jim, I have lost confidence. I am not ready for this bowl game. Can you find my confidence somewhere?”

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Kyler Murray (QB) may transfer from Texas A&M

Kyler Murray


I have no idea what is going on in College Station, but it doesn’t appear to be good if you are a quarterback with the letters “K-Y-L-E” in your name. Just a week ago, it was announced that starting QB Kyle Allen would be leaving and not playing in the Music City Bowl. That meant that the next man up was freshman Kyler Murray, right?

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Texas A&M QB transferring; will not play in Music City Bowl

Kyle Allen


Well this certainly changes things. On Thursday evening, Texas A&M Quarterback Kyle Allen announced that he would be leaving the program and he will not play in the Music City Bowl.

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Comparing the Stats: Louisville vs Texas A&M

Cardinal Head       Texas A&M logo

Texas A&M vs Louisville Stats

Here are the team stats for each team headed to the Music City Bowl. We used the website We used their FBS Power 5 filter. This filter will only give stats that all teams have had versus Power 5 teams. We believe that you don’t get a true picture if you just use the stats from all games. For example, Texas A&M played games against Ball State, Western Carolina, and Nevada. Louisville played against Samford. Those lopsided wins falsely inflate most stats. Since both Louisville and Texas A&M are both Power schools, let’s look at their stats against like programs.

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ESPN ranks Music City Bowl as 17th best

FootballvsMurray Quick

Photo: Tim Haag/

Mark Schlabach of ranked all of the bowls from 1-40 in terms of entertainment value. That’s right, there are FORTY bowl games. If your team didn’t make it, will they ever?

Anyway, the Music City Bowl comes in at #17 on the list. Here is what he says about the game…

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Music City Bowl: Some Unknown History Between the Cards & Aggies



I am almost positive that many of you, myself included, jumped for joy and pure excitement when we found out that Louisville would be making the trip down south to play in the Music City Bowl against another SEC opponent, the Aggies of Texas A&M. Granted, I think we all would of preferred a spot in the playoffs, but I don’t think the nation is ready for a 7-5 team in the playoffs, I’m afraid.

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