Justin Renck: First Blog

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s bowl last year!

As I sit down to type this, I have no real direction on where it will go or what I want to say. I just know it is time for my first blog on the site, and what better time than now, when I can feel so much Cardinal pride just reading through twitter and seeing everyone’s posts from Charlotte?!

Our last game was at USF on November 25. That is over 1 month of no UofL football. I really don’t care for the long layoffs between games. Wouldn’t you have rather had this game played very soon after we ended the season 5-1? I was very excited after the season that we made it to the Belk Bowl. Then basketball season started to pick up, so my attention went there. Today it is all football! I know we have 2 huge b-ball games this week, but I am not concerned with those at all right now.

Coming into the season, I said that ANY bowl game would be huge for this team. After losing so many seniors, having a new offensive line, and not sure about the QB situation, I would have loved any bowl game. We were close to the Orange Bowl, but I was not upset at all when Cincy beat UConn, because I know how bright our future is. Winning tonight and going 8-5 would provide great momentum heading into the off-season. Coach Strong and his staff have done an amazing job recruiting, and bowl wins only help. Can you imagine winning tonight and starting next season in the Top 25 with our first game being against UK???

I was a student at UofL when we went Liberty, Gator, and Orange for our bowl games. I know we don’t like where our football program ended up after that, but I would not have it any other way. To be where we are now is great. We had about 10 years of this program building and building, and then it was torn down to nothing. What Coach Strong is about to do is take us on that ride back to the top, so just enjoy it. The ladder we are climbing to get better each year will be so fun.

Just like I didn’ t know where I was going with this, I also don’t have a clever way to end it. Just wanted to get my first blog on the site, and am proud to do it about this UofL football team. So here is to the start of what could be one of the best weeks in recent memory! Go Cards!

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