Cardinal Appreciation Day: Steve Kragthorpe?


by Jeremy Wahman

The culture of college football in the city of Louisville is vastly changing. A mere few years ago the entire city was in despair. Now there’s an euphoria around the program. What a difference a few years make. On Wednesday night the University Of Louisville beat down the S.E.C. bully Florida 33-23 at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.      I know at first beat down may sound harsh, but if you watched the game then you know it was exactly that. From one side of the field,from pillar to post,from one end zone to the other it was a beat down. We have one man to thank for that…Coach Ch….Steve Kragthorpe? Bear with me tho, I know it sounds crazy and far-fetched but I bring logic to this statement. With-out Krags we don’t weed out the bad seeds. Without Krags we don’t get the great Seniors we had this year. Most importantly without Krags…we never get Coach Charlie Strong. So for that Coach, the entire CardNation says thank you. Coach Strong was a program doubt. Coach Strong took us from a 3 year doormat back to a perennial top 10 program. WIthout Krags, that just doesn’t happen.

Make no mistake about it, Coach Krags was not put in a position to succeed, despite Mr. Jurich’s best intentions. There were problem children here that ran rampant under Coach Petrino. Issues we do know about and some we don’t. I am not,nor have I ever piled up on Coach Kragthorpe because I seen the insurmountable situation he was put in. He was also a good guy and was always kind to me. So really when I say thank you, I mean it. Since he has left the University Of Louisville he has had some bad health issues arise. Rest assure Coach, we in CardNation wish you the very best and you and your family will stay in our prayers.

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