Pitino press conference notes 2-1-13


By Justin Renck:

On Friday afternoon, Coach Pitino previewed the upcoming matchup with Marquette. He also talks about Wayne Blackshear’s availability. Here are the key notes from the press conference…

-Pitino said his top 3 teams (in no order) right now are Florida, Michigan, and Kansas. Indiana can also be thrown in the mix.

Wayne Blackshear should play on Sunday, but he won’t start. Not sure how much he will play.

-Pitino calls the team very distracted. He says Chane Behanan is “a very distracted young man.”

-Said Marquette’s Davante Gardner(6’8 290 lbs) can score, pass, and shoot free throws. He will put a lot of pressure on the Cards.

-On Kevin Ware “Whether he will play or not remains to be seen.” He has returned to practice.

-Gorgui Dieng is close to being back to full health.

-Peyton Siva, Russ Smith, and Luke Hancock are the gym rats of the team.

-Pitino is “almost positive” that he won’t wear the white suit on Sunday. (So we know what that means!)



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