Johnny Football Kicked Out of Texas Frat Party



Teddy Bridgewater has a great chance to take home the Heisman Trophy this year and his biggest competition just keeps making things easier on him. Johnny Manziel has been the talk of the College Football Summer but it hasn’t been for anything he has done good. Manziel has been living the rock star life style to the fullest and expressing his feelings on Twitter about everything from other players to College Station. Just recently Manziel was “Dismissed” from the Manning Camp which isn’t something you typically should be hearing from a Heisman Trophy Winner. All of this has made Manziel anything but a fan favorite and this weekend when he attempted to attend a University of Texas Frat party (See Pic Above) they made sure to let him know he wasn’t welcomed. According to ESPN.COM Article  Manziel was “Quickly and Harshly” removed from the party. This is just another example of why I believe Teddy Bridgewater is superior to Manziel on and off the field and these antics make you appreciate a Class Act kid just as Bridgewater. So in the mean time Manziel you just keep doing this:

johnny football


And Teddy Bridgewater will keep getting ready for more of this:


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