DeVante Parker: That Would be Really Good to Reunite With Teddy

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

I started to write a little intro for this, but there is no reason to. Let’s get right to it. The NFL Combine is starting, and we know DeVante Parker should be drafted early. The Minnesota Vikings have the 11th overall pick. Teddy Bridgewater is their quarterback. The buzz with Louisville fans is the thought of the Vikings taking Parker and those two reuniting.

At the combine on Thursday, Parker said “That would be really good to reunite with (Bridgewater). We’ve got a good connection. That would be a good thing.” (according to

More from the article:

Louisville has 11 players at the combine, more than any other school. Tight end Gerald Christian, who said he also had a combine interview with the Vikings, said he talked to Bridgewater two weeks ago and reiterated his desire to again be his teammate.

“I’d love to play with Teddy, a real smart guy,” said Christian, who is projected as a late-round pick and hopes Bridgewater puts in a good word for him.

Cardinals tackle Jamon Brown, also projected as a late-round pick, said he and his teammates often talk about the possibility of being reunited with Bridgewater in Minnesota.

“If we could all meet up and reunite, former Cardinals, that would be fun and I think we could do some damage at the next level,’’ Brown said.

Yep, that settles it. The Vikings need to have 11 picks in this draft and go ahead and take every single Louisville Cardinal. That would be just fine with me. How about it?


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