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I miss PJCS. I miss tailgating. I miss the sound of the band. I miss DJ K-Dogg. I miss the intro video. I miss the train horn. I miss the inebriated young man in front of my seat that refuses to sit down because “this isn’t Commonwealth Stadium.” I miss my beer vendor. I miss giving high fives to the closest 20 people around me after every score.  I miss the Ladybirds. I miss seeing Robert Patrick Petrino giving the business to a referee after a bad call. I miss the incredible student athletes competing at the highest level in an effort to bring home a victory. I miss all of you. I miss everything about the game day experience at Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium.  If you are like me then you are itching for some Cardinal football right about now. In 2 short months the season will finally get under way. Until then all we have are memories of last season and hope for this one. I put together a hype/highlight video for you to enjoy……..



I said this post was going to be like the video version of Thunder Over Louisville’s grand finale so here are a couple of other videos that I posted earlier this year. Click on the links to view videos……

#DoWork was released on March 31, 2016 and posted on April 11th.  Description: The Cards ended the 2015 season winning 6 of the last 7, capping it off with a Music City Bowl victory. Card Forever, James Burgess, left his #DoWork attitude to this young team. Here is a video of the end of the bowl game, spring practice and last season highlights.

Louisville Football Hype 2016 was released on February 27 2016 and posted on Feb 29th. This is the way too early hype video for the 2016 Louisville Cardinals football season.

Since it’s Thursday, I will do a TBT and post this video….. Released on Nov 21, 2014,  this is a hype/highlight video of past UofL vs. UK games that was intended to get everyone ready for the 2014 edition of the governors cup. I personally love watching the Devante Parker catch starting at about the 4:50 mark.

I do not own any rights to the video or audio clips used in these videos. They are put together to help promote and build excitement for the University of Louisville football team.

As always, GO CARDS!

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