Exit Interview With Louisville DE Mike Boykin

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Mike Boykin was a guy Cards fan couldn’t wait to see play. It seemed like forever before he finally hit the field wearing a Cardinal uniform after his commitment in the 2016 football class. It was a long road but the defensive end with the NFL size body finally made his debut in 2018. He played in 10 games, with four coming as a starter. It seemed as though he was going to be a big part of the Louisville defensive future.

But on Tuesday, he announce he was entering the transfer portal. Today he posted this message on Twitter,

Today, he also agreed to do an exit interview with me. We kept it short and here it is….

CSZ –  Any school you have your eye on or that you are leaning towards? Or is JUCO an option?

MB – I got some schools I’m looking at and some schools that like me.

CSZ –  What was the biggest reason for your decision to transfer?

MB – Several things , just want to be happy.

CSZ  Did the reported disagreement with coach at the Spring Showcase factor into your decision or was that an isolated incident?

MB – Nothing happened at the spring showcase. I  wasn’t there.

CSZ –  What is the biggest difference in the locker room between now and when Petrino was here?

MB – I’m not sure.

CSZ –  Do you miss Petrino or any members of his coaching staff?

MB – No

CSZ –  Any guys on this team that you are really close to that tried to convince you to stay?

MB – No, I’m sure it was a shocker. Everybody in the locker room likes me. Nobody can say I did anything to them.

CSZ –  Will the Louisville defense be better this year than last year?

MB – I don’t know.

CSZ – What is your favorite memory of your time here in Louisville?

MB – Playing Florida State.

CSZ –  If you knew that Petrino was not going to be the head coach for your full-time here, would you have come here?

MB – Not at all.

CSZ –  Who, on the defensive side of the ball, is going to have a big year for Louisville?

MB – Boosie Whitlow,  Quen Head, GG Robinson, Amonte Caban and Tabarius Peterson.

CSZ –  You think you are the last guy to transfer or will we see a few more enter the transfer portal?

MB – I can’t speak for nobody else.

CSZ –  Is there a QB in the ACC that you would love to have 1 more chance to drop in the backfield?

MB – Trevor probably, really wanted to play him again.

CSZ –  You can leave one last message to Cards fans here….

MB – Believe nothing you hear, I’m a good guy no matter what you hear. I worked extremely hard. I want to be happy and not railroaded off of stereotyping and judging .. Thanks Card nation!

We all here at CSZ wish Mike nothing but the best and look forward to following his career no matter where he choose to continue his education. Thanks Mike! #L1C4

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  1. I don’t understand. Why are all these guys leaving? Because they don’t like the new staff or because they can’t compete with the new staff?

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