UofL VS Miami Football: The Rivalry (Videos)

Louisville has always been considered Miami North in Football. From the recruiting pipeline all the way up to the game that Louisville gave away back in 04 where we lost and still jumped spots up in the rankings. Then a few years later the Cards got their redemption when an unsung hero came in during the game and led the Cards to victory. It was a flicker.

When it was announced that we would join the ACC it was a ray of hope. Hope that the rivalry could be solidified and become a prime time game, like tonight’s match up.

The Cards learned that they would face Miami in the Russell Athletic Bowl and dominated. 5 minutes after the game ended a coach texted us and said “next season starts with a rematch” At that point the Rivalry was official.

We were not initially supposed to face Miami again this year after getting beat down last year. Covid changed that. Hopefully a second crossover rival that should be implemented soon will remedy that. We welcome that team to be Miami.

Enjoy these games while we wait for 7:30 to arrive!

2006 #12 UofL vs #17 Miami

2013 Russell Athletic Bowl

2014 UofL vs Miami (ACC Opener)

Which one is your favorite memory? Let us know!


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