Louisville Football: Games Of Interest Week 10

We as Louisville Football fans have a lot to be excited about. We are 8-1, have the ACC title game within our grasp, & we are dreaming of a College Football Playoff Berth. What we will do with this post is show you which games you will want to keep an eye on this week. We will include time, channel, favorite, & the matchup. We hope you enjoy & that it makes things easier on your brains! First up games with ACC title game implications.


Here’s who we want to win this week.


Duke @ #24 UNC

Tomorrow at 8pm on the ACCN

Unc -14 point favorites

We want Duke to win this one


(There are scenarios for future weeks, but we will get to that next week)


The winner of VT-BC loses one of the next 2


If VT wins out & GT beats Clemson & Syracuse


Va Tech @ BC


VA Tech -1.5 point favorites


GA Tech @ Clemson

Noon ABC

Clemson -15 point favorites


Thx to KD for clarification on these!


Cards are #11 in the CFP so here are this week’s ones to watch.  There are 2 top 10 matchups as well.


CFP Games of interest


Mich St @ #1 Ohio State

7:30 NBC

OSU -31.5 point favorites

Chalk this one up. Lol


#2 Georgia vs #9 Ole Miss

7pm ESPN

Georgia-11 point favorites

Need the higher ranked teams to win for now


#3 Michigan @ #10 Penn State

Noon Fox

Michigan -4 point favorites

See Above explanation


#4 FSU vs Miami

330 ABC

FSU -14 point favorites

If we want a shot at a CFP Playoff Berth, is & FSU need to win out.


#5 Washington vs #18 Utah

330 Fox

Washington -9 point favorites

Utah beating Washington is what to watch for here


#6 Oregon vs USC

1030 Fox

Oregon -15.5 point favorites

USC can beat them, but will they? It would help us out


#7 Texas @ TCU

730 ABC

Texas -12 point favorites

An upset would be nice, but not expected


#8 Alabama @ some stupid school

Noon Alabama

Alabama -11 point favorites

Bama by 45


I hope you’ve enjoyed ones to watch. See you all next week!

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