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Scandal Fatigue



My love affair with the University of Louisville and our athletic department started at an early age.  My family moved to Elizabethtown, KY when my dad retired from the US Army around the time I was entering the 6th grade.  Having lived the majority of my life in Germany, I had never really experienced college athletics.  I had no idea the passion, intensity, and support that this life-altering affair would have on me going forward.

I can say with one-hundred percent certainty that the choice to attend UofL was one of, if not the very best decisions I have made thus far in my life.  I couldn’t have had a better college experience.  I ended up joining and becoming President of a fraternity, was elected as President of the Student Council for the College of Education, met my wife who was also President of her sorority, and about a thousand other memories that I cherish that can still not fully explain my emotions or attachment to our wonderful university.

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55 (Episode 11)


This week…..on 55…..

We talk about a variety of things. Radio shows, Top 5 Pitino era guys and even the Royal Rumble. I have also decided that this will be Shawn’s last regular appearance in 55. I appreciate him being a good sport. In the end I just felt like this was his time. Good riddance. Well here we go. Once again, I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week. This …….55

1) Clint Hurtt was the last Charlie Strong staff member to leave Louisville. He will be taking an NFL job with the Chicago Bears. We appreciate all you did big fella. Much love and good luck B.I.G. click here to see his message to UofL fans

2) BIG

3) #Respect

4) Led by Shoni Schimmel’s nine 3 point baskets, the Louisville women’s basketball team beat Memphis on Sunday 88-61. Shoni had eight 3 pointers in the first half and scored 29 points overall.

5) She bad

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Clint Hurtt’s message to Louisville fans

Clint Hurtt


Photo courtesy of

On Thursday evening it was announced that Louisville defensive line coach Clint Hurtt would be leaving UofL to be an assistant coach with the Chicago Bears. We wish him nothing but the best in the future. Hurtt posted the following message on his facebook page:

“It’s never easy saying bye to people or places that you love. Not in a million years did I think I would ever leave the University of Miami but I also knew that if I was going to grow professionally I had to leave the nest seeing that the U was all that I knew. With the exception of Greg Schiano and Bill Young I had been in the same defense practically for 10 of my 13 years with them as player/ga/coach.

Louisville was the perfect situation, the challenge of rebuilding a program, a sleeping giant to the college football world, a rising head coach that I knew I could learn so much from and a fan base second to none in college football.

These past 4 years have been memories I’ll never forget and relationships that will never be broken. Tom Jurich is as good as gold some may feel me leaving for this opportunity is not right but he totally understood why I wanted this. No different then the reason I came here-to grow in this profession. He respected it and understood I told him this wasn’t a ploy to “hide out” and go to Texas. Lol people really don’t know me if they think I’m a follower. I follow one person and that’s God.

I love Charlie Strong and Vance Bedford but I stated to Charlie long before this is what I wanted to do, coach in the NFL. Toughest part was telling the DL today and I’ll see the rest of the boys tomorrow.

Card Nation I want to thank you for all your support and how gracious you’ve been to my family and I since we’ve been here. We will still be rooting to no end for OUR CARDINALS this season and every season to come after. Good luck to Coach Petrino and his staff can’t wait to see them beat the hell out of every dam body!! #L1C4 #Cardinaldiehardfan!”

Clint Hurtt leaving Louisville


According to’s Jason Higdon, Clint Hurtt has left Louisville. There is talk that it could be for an NFL job. We hoped for Hurtt to remain on staff because we know how he can recruit (when allowed to), but now Petrino can bring in his own guy, so it will be fine. We already have guys on staff that recruit Florida well anyways. So it will be a loss, but I believe the Cards will be ok. Best of luck to Coach Hurtt wherever he ends up.

Petrino’s staff is complete!

Bobby Petrino

One of the most important things when a new coach is brought in is who he will bring with him. The coaching staff he hires is a huge part of what kind of success that will hopefully follow. Bobby Petrino seems to have put together a great staff here at the University of Louisville. While we were all pretty attached to the former staff, this one seems  to be solid as well.

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Why I love our bowl matchup


Well Cardnation…the stage is set for Orlando and the Russell Athletic Bowl Committee is eager to have the Cards visit. No, it’s not the prestigious BCS bowl we had hoped for our returning Sugar Bowl champs but let’s consider the following. Look at the enemy; UCF ruined our chances of heading back to a BCS and they’ll be heading to the west side of the country to face Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl.  Athlon Sports ranks the matchup with the Miami Hurricanes to be the 9th best ‘must see’ game of all 35 bowls. UCF’s bowl game ranks just one spot ahead of the Cards and I am convinced that’s primarily because of the BCS Fiesta name. But I want to congratulate UCF on their first BCS appearance. I don’t want to be ‘that critic’ towards the Knights like the Cards received last season when they were selected to play Florida.  Now that that’s over with…. Let’s move on to the good stuff.

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Official Statement From UofL Regarding Clint Hurtt


As many of you know by now, a decision has been made by A.D. Tom Jurich in regards to the situation regarding Recruiter and D-Line Coach Clint Hurtt. That decision was to retain his services. I for one am happy that we get to keep this man on staff at Louisville. The things he does for these young kids on and off the field are amazing. Each of the players I talked to have mentioned he is like a father to them. I do understand that some of you may not agree with me however I am entitled to my opinion. I firmly believe if there was even one thing that the AD seen that made him think that Mr Hurtt was bad for business here that he would have terminated him today. If you trust in Tom Jurich to do the right thing by now then I don’t know that you ever will. He has done too much to build up our sports program to have anything tear it down. Here is the official statement released around 1:55 pm to the media:

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Purdue Commit Visiting the Cards

By Steve Rummage:

Purdue Commit DT Kyle Shortridge (FL) will make an official visit to Louisville next weekend.  Shortridge recently took an official to Nebraska back on September 1st and most believe he will end up in Lincoln or Louisville. The 6’2 270 lb (Did I mention he runs a 4.8 40) Shortridge is rated a 3 Star DT by most sites but is one Strong and company have had their eye on for awhile and would add some much needed size to Louisvilles DL. And yes CardNation Kyle is on twitter @ShortDog99 so give him a shout and let him know we want him on the train.

Justin Renck: Football Fan Day

I attended Fan Day at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium on Sunday afternoon, and that is what I went for, to be a fan. I acted like a kid again and got autographs, only these days it is different because the whole team is younger than me! Still cool though of course, and I hope that never gets old for me. I had to get items autographed for the tailgate trailer that my friends and I have been working on. You will see pics of that soon I am sure!

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Steve Rummage: 3 WR’s, 1 Spot

Charlie Strong’s 2013 recruiting class is shaping up to be one of the more talented we have ever had at the University of Louisville. One position that the Cardinals are not looking to load up on in this class is receiver. With that being said, it looks like Charlie Strong is looking to land 2 WR’s in the class of 2013. One of these scholarships is obviously being saved for the #3 WR in the country and Louisville (Trinity) native James Quick, but who will be the first to commit and take the other?

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