Most disliked Wildcat player

DeMarcus Cousins

By Justin Renck:

According to our non-official twitter poll, the fans have spoken. Many players were mentioned, but the overwhelming choice for the most disliked player for UK goes to DeMarcus Cousins! That is pretty impressive that he was able to capture this title and he only played for 1 season at UK.

This would also be my personal choice, followed closely by Ramel Bradley and Terrence Jones. Here are some of the tweets we received, along with other players that were mentioned:

@JonKYSportsco: Jody Meeks, the very mention of his name makes me vomit. That name rang out on every TV and radio station.

@GabeDuverge: Boogie Cousins should have been thrown out for his actions in 09-10 season’s game. I’ve never felt bad for him since.

@ChadBrizendine: Does Ashley Judd qualify? She has been the most consistently annoying representative of UK hoops since I was in grade school.

@darylfoust4: I haaaaaaaate Patrick Sparks.

@EricKiser: DeMarcus Cousins, worst attitude of any player.

@hnhaworth: Terrence Jones for that terrible rap song he tried to make.

@raashaan: Lukas Oberzut!!! Weakest UK player to consistently kill the Cards!

@UofLSingerHB: In most recent yrs, DeMarcus Cousins in attitude and Eloy Vargas in skill.

This video says it all about our winner!


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