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A.F.R.O.S. 2017 Edition

The ACC Digital Network spends a lot of time on each school in the conference. I may be a little biased but I think they do their best work on their Louisville stuff.

They focused today on Louisville’s solid receiving corp. Louisville has always been known for having great crops of receivers. The acronym A.F.R.O.S. was coined here. America’s Finest Receivers On Saturday was born in the mid 90’s by name and has been a traditiona ever since. Today @theACCDN shows you this year’s A.F.R.O.S.


Rick Pitino Breaks Down The Syracuse 2-3 Zone

A nice video from our friends at the ACCDN.

NCST Vs UL Highlights & Pressers

(Photo9 Cred: Jeff Greer)

(Photo9 Cred: Jeff Greer)


Here are the highlights and Pressers after todays 85-60 win over NCST.



Coach Rick Pitino

Donovan Mitchell


Deng Adel



Jaylen Johnson

CSZ Asks & CardNation Responds



Tonight we took to Twitter to find out what everyone thought about the game & their outlook on the season going forward. You guys know what I think. When we are at full strength we still have one big problem. Droughts & situational shot selection. It has to change because we have the talent to go a long way if corrected. I also asked the contributors to give their thoughts. This is what they came up with.

First off, some of the Contributors thoughts:

@LJThaFiasc0-Encouraging to know that we almost won with 3 backup players and our best shooter going 2-10

@GeneralWasp-It’s still very optimistic. FSU is a damn good squad, we were without one of our more dynamic playmakers, and we only lost by 5. My concern is that the last few games, we’ve struggling in the first 5-10 minutes of the game. We can come back against Clemson. We can’t do that against FSU

@PaigeS_502– I think this team is poised for a great run in March. Q being hurt gives his backups good minutes for practice which will come in handy in the tournament.

@KruegerMania-About what I expected. The Q injury blows but I think Louisville will be fine until he returns, as long as they can run their offense. Defense is fine.

@UofLNunn– Can’t complain about the record when you take into consideration the strength of schedule. I still believe this is a final 4 team.


Now CardNation speaks:

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Lamar Jackson’s Heisman Thoughts (Video)


Our friends at the ACC Digital Network sat down with Louisville Cardinal Quarterback Lamar Jackson. They talked about the Heisman and what it means to Lamar amongst other things. Enjoy!

Lamar’s 51 TD’S (Video)

(Photo Cred: ESPN)

(Photo Cred: ESPN)

Ever wanted to see all 51 of Lamar’s TD’S in one place at the same time? You can now. Our friends at the ACC Digital Network have compiled this video that shows them all. Enjoy!

Brandon Radcliffs Career Game (Video)

Photo: Tim Haag/

Photo: Tim Haag/

Here are Brandon Radcliff’s highlights from Saturday’s win over Wake Forest at PJCS.

Lamar Jackson’s Highlight Reel vs WF

(Photo Cred: cn2 sports)

(Photo Cred: cn2 sports)

We were all nervous. We were all rattled. We were all upset. One guy that felt zero of those feelings was Louisville QB Lamar Jackson. Only responsible for 1 TD, the Louisville QB led the team in other ways tonight. The ACCDN compiled a highlight reel showing him off. Enjoy.

Louisville vs Wake Forest Highlights (Video)


Here are the highlights via @theACCDN for tonight’s come from behind handling of Wake Forest 44-12.

Keith Kelsey & Lamar Jackson: Halloween Costumes

Louisville Halloween

What did some of your favorite Cards dress up for as kids? The entire ACC chimes in as well.

UofL & Clemson Runners Help Injured Runner Cross The Line


In a time where more negative things get coverage than positive, this was a breath of fresh air. This ACC track meet took a turn for the worse when a runner from BC gets injured. What happens next is awesome….

The ACC Digital Network Asks: Is Lamar Jackson The Best RB In The Nation


Jeff Fischel & @theACCDN says what we all know. Lamar Jackson Is the best Quarterback in the nation. But they ask, is Lamar the best running back in the nation too? Watch this video and judge for yourself.

Lamar Jackson Highlight Reel Vs NCST

(Photo Cred: ESPN)

(Photo Cred: ESPN)

Lamar was remarkable today once again. A statement was made today and that statement was: give me the Heisman. Lamar Jackson accounted for 431 yards and 4 touchdowns and set the single season record for touchdowns in a season. (34). Here is a highlight video put together by the ACC Digital Network showcasing his gr8 day.

Lamar Jackson’s Top 8 Plays Of The Season


Jeff Fischel & the awesome people at the ACC Digital Network do a great job. I wake up wondering what I will see next from them. This time they put together a highlight reel of the top 8 plays of the year from #8 Lamar Jackson. Enjoy..

Multiple Cards Make The ACCDN 5-yr Anniversary Highlight Reel


The ACC Digital Network put together a highlight reel of the best plays since they started 5 years ago. 2 UofL highlights on this video. Enjoy!

The Rise Of Louisville Football


Our good friends at the ACC Digital Network put together another great video. They document the rise of Louisville Football over the years & it’s pretty awesome. Enjoy!

ACC Powerhouse Clash



This latest video from the ACC Digital Network highlights the epic match up on Saturday night between the #3 Cards & the #5 Tigers.

Jackson Vs Watson: Next Gen QB

Here is the latest video from the ACC Digital Network spotlighting the match up of the Lamar Jackson from the #3 Cards vs DeShaun Watson from the #5 Tigers. They go through the progression of the dual threat quarterback and the evolution of the position. From Fran Tarkenton to Cam Newton. It’s been quite the progression once you see it. I hope you enjoy!

Video Comparison: Lamar Jackson Vs Mike Vick


Damion Lee liked what he seen here. A lot of people did. One very notable person who seemed to like it was Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mike Vick. He tweeted out the fact that he thought LJ was better than he was now as a sophomore. We all saw Mike do some amazing things. We’ve all seen Lamarvelous do some amazing things. The ACC Digital Network put together a video comparison. Here it is.

Louisville Vs FSU Highlights (Recap Videos)



Here are the video Highlights from today’s thrashing of #2 FSU via The ACC Digital Network. Then after that is a video from a FSU site. Enjoy!